Celebrating our Artists, A Hobby Historian project

Discovery Coast Queensland hobby historian cultural projectHistory is Fabulous

At least I think it is. But, as I’ve been told lately ,by a professional in the arts industry, “whose interested in that! Nobody!”

My  Hobby Historian project celebrates the life and times of the Artists of the Discovery Coast Queensland. 

Footsteps and Footprints

Part of a wider Hobby Historian project, Agnes Water Adventures through time,  that began way back in 2010 will put artists, musicians, and performers on show.

The Studio Agnes website is dedicated to the creative arts. 1770 Adventures of the people kind is an offshoot of that. In 2018 it will be replaced with a new local history project, and Footsteps and Footprints will be incorporated into Studio Agnes.

A RADF grant has been granted to Jennifer M Ryan to develop and run a cultural, historical, tourism project to be implemented during the 2017 school holiday period. The Footsteps and Footprints Collectable Cards. cards will be distributed at no cost to collectors and distributors, across the Discovery Coast region.

Discovery Coast the Creative Capital of the region
Celebrate Good Times

The Collectable Cards will celebrate, with pride, the work of local artists (all mediums) and their work. Showcasing their contribution to the community locals and tourists. The Collectable Cards project will celebrate amateur and professional artists and arts workers, both current and past residents of the Discovery Coast, Queensland. Local schools are being invited to participate.

Advertising and marketing planned for the school holidays will ensure that both locals and tourists know about the project – and the Discovery Coast’s creative heart.

Any individuals or business’ needing more information, or wanting to become involved, should contact Jennifer M Ryan via the form on this page.