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1770 adventures of the creative kind
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Gallery Realities

RADF funded and JRCS supported online art exhibitions.

Visual Stories

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Room 2: Imagine This - Fabric Prints, tie-dyed on cotton. Vibrant. Progressive. Psychedelic-like.

Abstract Art

Main Gallery: Brave and Bold - paintings, oil paint and pastel, digital & acrylic.
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10th September

we opened

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About Jennifer Margaret she's driving this

Jennifer Margaret –  JenMR – found herself passionate about creating marks unexpectedly. Today, she is negotiating an exhibition that includes works creating with oil paint and oil pastels, acrylic, watercolour, soft pastels and more.

The ARTIST ADVENTURER life style was forced upon her, and  led to watercolour adventures. Photography and digital art slowly grew into a continuing passion. A lot of frustration and a single workshop started her acrylic adventures.

Jennifer has works in collections throughout the Australia. Reviews of her works consistently mention: uniquely balance colour choices, amazing abstract designs, creativity and variety of styles she creates in.

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1770 adventures of the creative kind

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View 1770 Adventures of the Creative Kind artists images  by 153

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View 1770 Adventures of the Creative Kind artists images  by 153

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