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View 1770 Adventures of the Creative Kind artists images by 1 artists are vessels carrying our present to the future

Artists Extraordinary Gift to the World

Concentrating on events that affect local communities and recording the detail, the impact, as well as emotions linked to the event, appears, to me, to be a great service that artists gift to the world.

Think of anything that happens in your community. For example, annual events, weekly markets or significant memorial and historical  ceremonies. Look around at the people attending them with you. No matter how different individuals in the community are, they have a shared history in a street, town, region, state or country

Below are three reasons why local history is important for our community.

Local History Depicts Shared Experiences 

  1. Learning about people or places that were important years ago is something the visual arts is perfect for.  Seeing the images, hearing some linked audio we realize that residents in that moment, in that place lived, worked, celebrated and built a community.They avoid the incessant moving of motion in videos.
  2. Shared experience can jump generations. Preserved historical landmarks and buildings are important. For me, putting those elements of a communing alongside floods, fire and kids sport, group sport, and the natural world do more to tell the whole story of a community.
  3. Virtual galleries allow these landmarks to serve as support for first-hand accounts of the people in the community – days, weeks,years decades or centuries earlier.

My Favourite Book at the Moment

Costume in Art, National Gallery in London. It is a tiny full colour book with great details showing and telling about clothing in artworks.

costume in art, reference book for artists and historians View 1770 Adventures of the Creative Kind artists images by 1

 1770adventures of the Creative Kind

My first virtual exhi8bition was a family affair, in the end. Covid had a say in that. Unable to meet with artists to explain and plan the exhibition I turned to my family.  Tie-dye wall hanging Robert RyanThree generations participated:
  • Me – abstract painter and artist, photographer
  • Robert (husband) – tie dye artist
  • Jessica (daughter) phone photograher and stone artist
  • Tabitha (granddaughter) artist
  • Ruby (granddaughter) artist
  • Dasha (granddaughter) artist

Memories with pdf and online permanence

Local Virtual Exhibitions as Centers of a Community

Virtual Art Galleries (VR) enable local history to come alive, outside of museums and historical societies. The make history accessible. Very accessible. When web visitors enter an exhibition they look at artifacts, appreciate images or listen to real stories and create connections. The information and images found in virtual exhibitions offers supplemental information not found in classrooms allowing students to create rich pictures of places in times. Despite not being touchable, VRs give close up views that show texture, hidden marks and objects. They also allow artists, of any age, experience and genre – to gain confidence and build a group of supporters. 

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1770Adventures of the creative kind, is a community exhibition.  A family exhibition – parents, children and grandchildren; painters, photographers, and tye dyed artist. Close to 50 works are on display, the curator has been interviewed on several radio stations – included a follow up weekly special.

Strangers, friends and family are not hunting or searching for information or products when they visit the gallery. They slowly engage with the artworks without pressure, time constraints or unwanted noise. A virtual Gallery offer what their visitors are looking for, art: any medium, any genre create by known and emerging artists. And can they find it easily in community linked virtual galleries.

A word from Jennifer

“The concept behind my work stems from my, then, non-traditional career path and my late understanding that creating art was important to me. My independent attitude, allowed my research, investigations and experiments with creativity to flourish. I worked from watercolour, to pastels and acrylic before understanding that oil pastels suited the way I worked. I could finally represent my visions using strong, fluid strokes.”

Emerging artist on Instagram- #jenniferpaints

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